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We have some problems testing results from complex ellipsoid calculations made in LCAD95 (we found no one who can calculate the same). Is there anybody, who can calculate alternatively results, for the tiny ellipsoid math problems shown below, to compare with the results from LCAD95?

Math problem of May 4, 1998

We have to travel from A to B around an ellipsoid.
What is the shortest distance and the distance travelling in a straight vertical cut with the ellipsoid?

The ellipsoid is the International of 1924: a=6378388 m and f=1/297.

Point A: 56.0 deg. N and 10.0 deg. E.
Point B:  8.0 deg. N and 88.0 deg. E.

LCAD95 calculates exact (using no formulas)

Shortest curve distance : 8527862.6557 m
Vertical curve distance : 8527862.8156 m

Math problem of Jul. 20, 1999

We want the exact surface area of a part of an ellipsoid between 3 points.
We use geodetic lines between the points to define the exact part of the ellipsoid.

The ellipsoid is the GRS80: a=6378137 m and f=1/298.257222100883.

Point A: 56.0 deg. N and  9.0 deg. E.
Point B: 57.0 deg. N and 10.0 deg. E.
Point C: 56.0 deg. N and 10.0 deg. E.

LCAD95 calculates exact 3473738156.7 m²

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